Three stories that moved the Labour Conference fringe to tears

This week, I took three people to Labour Party Conference on behalf of the Daily Mirror and Unite the Union, to speak about their experiences of Government austerity. They are all extraordinary people in their own way, but also share experiences with hundreds of thousands of people in the UK. Mary Laver is a severely disabled woman who was living a happy and fulfilled life until Coalition cuts threatened. Jack Monroe is a 25-year-old mum who the creaking benefit system failed and was forced to use Foodbanks. Hetty Bower, 107, is a veteran campaigner who fought in the Battle of Cable Street and is now fighting to save her local hospital.
Party Conferences can be full of talk, but the wonderful thing about those three brave women was how they told it as it really is. At times our Real Britain fringe had swathes of the audience in actual tears. Not of pity, but of empathy and rage (and, in my case, a kind of bursting pride in them as I knew what it had cost each one to be there). When people say to you that politics doesn’t matter, what they mean is, it doesn’t matter to them. To explain why it matters to Mary, Hetty and Jack, the full article is here.

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