Real Britain, a new campaigning column in the Daily Mirror

This week I started a new campaigning column at the Daily Mirror called Real Britain – which aims to show the impact on ordinary people of cuts and austerity, and how communities are fighting back. I’ve written a lot on this subject before, but having a dedicated campaigning space in the Daily Mirror is a real privilege. Over the next weeks and months, I will be trying to tell the stories behind austerity – of those people the Government’s economic policies are pushing under the breadline, and also the inspiring people who are taking a stand against it. The Mirror feels the right place to be doing it not just because of the paper’s campaigning history, but because its readers are among the worst hit by Cameron and Clegg’s cuts as public sector workers, mothers, hard-working people, pensioners and everyone in between who isn’t – like a majority of the cabinet – a millionaire.
Every Wednesday in the Daily Mirror, the first column is here.

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