Something Is Going To Fall Like Rain

Layout 2 In Adek, a tiny village in the sprawling desert of Southern Sudan, a community lives on the knife-edge of starvation and war, at the mercy of the bombs that fall from the sky like rain.

When three western aidworkers are stranded here – a place where poets carry Kalashnikovs and rebel commanders wear pink dressing gowns – their presence brings hope and danger in equal measure.

An ominous ode to Africa’s violent beauty, Something is Going to Fall Like Rain is also a life-affirming reminder that love and happiness can co-exist with famine and conflict.

New digital edition published by Acorn on July 9 2012, download it here.

Support Oxfam’s work in South Sudan here.

Press reviews

“An authentic, well-written and deeply-felt portrait of the tragedy that is South Sudan” – John Le Carre

“A moving, beautifully written book that captures Africa in all its humanity and heartbreak … A book of meat and emotion, blood and fire – it is a story of our time. And a masterpiece.” – Tony Parsons

“A novel of great humanity and compassion.” The Guardian

“A valid and timely new voice.” Daily Mail

“Extraordinary.” Observer’s best 50 summer reads

“Sudan has now found a literary champion who has a long commitment to following the longest ever civil war and its man-made famine. Her writing is evocative, moving and gripping and if only one person sits up and listens to what is going on inside Sudan’s borders then the telling of this story will have been worthwhile.” – Glenys Kinnock

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