Baby Born at the moment of South Sudan’s independence, Daily Mirror
Welcome to Africa’s newest nation, Daily Mirror
Rwanda Heroes Reunited, The Guardian
Coalition Cuts Aid to the World’s Poorest People, The Guardian
A Rwandan genocide survivor speaks out: ‘Now, I must be the narrator’, The Guardian
Where Darfur is a sideshow: Southern Sudan could slide back into war if the international community does not step in soon, The Guardian
KENYA: The first people to die of climate change, Daily Mirror
Why is it so hard for Mandela to attack Mugabe? Daily Mirror
‘The pierced, disfigured Christ looks like me’, Catholic Herald
Children of Agape – the South African Aids orphans performing for Mandela, Daily Mirror
EASTERN CHAD: 3 million have fled from the fighting but now they are faced by another enemy.. THIRST, Daily Mirror
RWANDA: The School That Hope Built, Daily Mirror
Wendy Woods and Sir Richard Attenborough on London’s Mandela Statue, Daily Mirror
EASTERN CHAD: Humanity Amid a Sea of Misery, Daily Mirror
Give the Gift of LIFE, Daily Mirror

Story of eight drowned scouts at Leysdown and David Beckham, Daily Mirror
Back From the Front: Inside the Mind of a Former Far-Right Extremist, The Independent
Red-Top Redemption: Why Tabloid Journalism Matters, The Independent
Glastonbury Protests Against Bono See Return to Festival Spirit, The Guardian
Lessons from the Bronx, Daily Mirror
Live from the March Against the Coalition Cuts, Daily Mirror
First person stories of the Cuts, a disabled pensioner speaks, Daily Mirror
First person stories of the cuts – My Husband Can No Longer Die With Dignity, Daily Mirror
Bob Diamond at the Commons Select Committee, Daily Mirror
Pride of Britain Winners Show the Spirit of the Few, Daily Mirror
18 Years of the Big Issue, The Guardian
On Post-Traumatic Stress, The Guardian
Nowhere else to go: Why the white working classes are voting for the BNP, New Statesman
Broken by the war machine, Daily Mirror
Inside the world of Nat Rothschild, Daily Mirror
Everyone’s seen guns everywhere. You can borrow one for a night, pay from the robbery or the deal. It’s logistics. These are soldiers on the frontline getting shot, Daily Mirror
Teenage Wasteland, Daily Mirror
Burrell’s ‘very confusing’ day in court, Daily Mirror
Paul Burrell goes on trial, Daily Mirror
A ringside seat at the Diana Circus, New Statesman
At the unveiling of the Mandela Statue, Daily Mirror
I Led KGB Hit Squad: A former Soviet Agent speaks out, Daily Mirror
The City Living in the Shadow of the Gun, Daily Mirror
Generation H: “Anyone sells drugs to an 11-year-old, they’d be shot. I’d shoot them myself.” Daily Mirror
At the Miss Essex Competition, The Independent on Sunday Review
Diana 1961-1997: The Service – With a heavy heart, the world bids a final farewell to the people’s Princess, The Independent on Sunday
The Death of Diana, The Independent on Sunday Review
Obituary for Kathy Acker, The Independent on Sunday
Undercover with the homeless, can you spare any change? The Independent on Sunday
Outsider Beats Big Names of Literature: Ann Michaels wins Orange Prize, The Independent on Sunday
Orwell’s little list, The Independent
At the funeral of an anarchist, The Independent on Sunday
Liverpool Dock Strike, The Independent on Sunday
A Scilly Offer: pounds 40,000, a cottage, and a lifetime’s supply of trainers, , The Independent on Sunday
At the 10th Annual Pride of Britain Awards Britain is not Broken, Daily Mirror
Pride of Britain 2008, Daily Mirror

Dizzy Rascal interview, Daily Mirror
Joanne Lees, Daily Mirror
A Tale of Two Mothers – 7/7 meets 9/11 – Daily Mirror
Wendy Woods and Sir Richard Attenborough on the Mandela Statue, Daily Mirror
David Miliband spells out his vision on eve of Labour conference, Daily Mirror
David Miliband, part two, Daily Mirror
Richard Taylor: Boys who killed Damilola took my wife’s life, Daily Mirror
Forty years on Martin Luther King’s son on his father’s legacy, Daily Mirror
KIRSTY MacCOLL: Singer’s mum fights for justice, Daily Mirror
Brooke Kinsella on her brother Ben’s fatal stabbing, Daily Mirror
Families of knife victims Robert Knox and Jimmy Mizen, Daily Mirror
David Idowu’s brother speaks out: David had no quarrels, he wasn’t in a gang.. why was he stabbed? Daily Mirror
Damilola’s dad Richard Taylor and ex-bad boy rapper Ashley Walters face-to-face, Daily Mirror
Interview: Neil and Christine Hamilton, The Independent on Sunday
Kathy Acker: Written on the Body, The Independent on Sunday
Zoora Shah: Interview with the ‘Arsenic Murderer’, The Independent on Sunday Review
Bernadette Devlin, Independent on Sunday
Steve Jones, geneticist, Independent on Sunday
James Palumbo: The Man from the Ministry, Independent on Sunday Review


Bradford Cabbies who changed the lives of Pakistan Flood Victims, Daily Mirror
Beast of Bosnia Radovan Karadzic goes on trial at The Hague, Daily Mirror
Thiepval, France: Return to the Somme, Daily Mirror
Liege, Belgium: Ten years after Belgians took to the streets in protest at a spate of brutal paedophile crimes, a double murder has plunged them back into despair, Daily Mirror
New York, 9/11 Memorial Five Years On, Daily Mirror
Turkey: Victim of the Guns, Daily Mirror
New York: A Tale of Two Mothers – 7/7 meets 9/11 – Daily Mirror
Organic Porridge in Norway’s first eco-prison, Daily Mirror
Amsterdam: At the Cannabis Cup, Independent on Sunday
The German model: Will legal brothels work? Daily Mirror
How Amsterdam is showing the UK the way out of the housing crisis, Daily Mirror
Rwanda: My date with the King of Gorillas, Daily Mirror
Saving the Black Rhino, Daily Mirror

Northern Ireland

The last day at Bessbrook Mill, South Armagh, Daily Mirror
Irish Peace Talks: The Women’s Coalition, The Independent on Sunday
Terry wasn’t a player but they killed him anyway, The Independent on Sunday
At Drumcree, The Independent on Sunday


Michelle Obama, Daily Mirror
Madness of King George, Daily Mirror
Benazir Bhutto, Daily Mirror
Mary Prince: UK’s first published black woman, Daily Mirror
The Verve, Independent on Sunday
Oasis, Independent on Sunday

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