How Hetty Bower, 107, shows us all the way

Over the last three weeks, my new column in the Daily Mirror, Real Britain has been inundated with letters, emails, tweets and phonecalls via the Mirror switchboard – with readers wanting either to help the people in the stories, or to tell their own.
As a horrorshow of cuts rain down on Britain’s most vulnerable people, I have been out interviewing as many as possible, hearing about the cruelties of the Bedroom Tax, the disabled people denied help, the mums skipping meals so their children can eat. Some of those stories are in last week’s column – where I also revealed how four families an hour are currently being evicted in the UK even before the Bedroom Tax began on Easter Monday.
For this week’s column, however, I wanted to tell an inspirational story about campaigning – and to find a reason we should never give up. I found it in Hetty Bower, an astonishing 107-year-old campaigner who regularly marches in the wind and rain for peace and justice and against war and poverty. “Why not?” she asks. “I”ve got good legs”. This is her extraordinary story – a shot in the arm for anyone who feels like giving up the fight against austerity.
Something Iain Duncan-Smith forgot – we are all Hetty Bower.

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