Hope Not Hate

The Hope not Hate campaign celebrates Britain’s diversity and aims to stop the racist BNP party dividing our country. It is a partnership between Searchlight, the Daily Mirror and Britain’s Trade Unions as well as hundreds of thousands of activists.

This year’s Hope not Hate blog is at

A selection of press coverage:

Gordon Brown meets Holocaust survivors and condemns the British National Party
Thousands join stars at Mirror’s Hope not Hate bus tour finale in Stoke
Hope Not Hate: Join our bus tour to drive out racism
Hope not Hate: 2008 finale
Corrie stars turn out to back our campaign bus
Journey begins, 2008

Rwanda: Village Of Hope

The Daily Mirror’s Village of Hope project is part of an on-going relationship with Oxfam, begun in 2005 as part of the Make Poverty History campaign. Mirror readers ‘adopted’ the village of Nyamikamba in Umutara Province, Rwanda, following the stories of 10 villagers, and raising money to rebuild the local school which had been burned down in the genocide. In 2008, the campaign won the One World Media Award for National Press.

A selection of press coverage:

Rwanda two years on: How your kindness has changed lives
Rwanda: Christine’s Clinic
Rwanda: The School That Hope Built

Stop Knives Save Lives

The Stop Knives Save Lives campaign grew out of grassroots anger at a spate of stabbings of teenagers in 2008. Together with the Damilola Taylor Trust and a growing Facebook campaign demanding a People’s March, the Mirror helped bring about two marches from North and South London which joined symbolically together for a rally in Hyde Park

A selection of press coverage:

Brooke Kinsella on her brother Ben’s fatal stabbing
Families of knife victims Robert Knox and Jimmy Mizen
David Idowu’s brother speaks out: David had no quarrels, he wasn’t in a gang.. why was he stabbed?
Damilola’s dad Richard Taylor and ex-bad boy rapper Ashley Walters face-to-face

Darfur: Gift Of Life

The Daily Mirror’s 2007 Christmas Appeal, Gift of Life, was aimed at bringing emergency water to three million people stranded by war on the Chad-Darfur border. Supporting Oxfam’s engineers in the field and its hundreds of staff working in the war zone, it told the story of people living on the edge of human existence.

A selection of press coverage:

EASTERN CHAD: 3 million have fled from the fighting but now they are faced by another enemy.. THIRST
EASTERN CHAD: Humanity Amid a Sea of Misery
Give the Gift of LIFE
A Day in Our Lives
100,000 Thanks
Chad elders answer Mirror readers questions
Diary of a Darfur Aid Worker

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